Writing rituals

So this is a new one on me today. Being knackered from writing some seriously powerful scenes.

The reason? Its all about ritual.

Pagan magical weddings, to be precise. And ritual inductions. I smashed two out, one after the other, in the latest chapter of one of my stories and its drained me. Actually, emotionally flattened me.

I threw a lot into it, to be honest. Did some proper research first and then designed these two rituals for scenes and was pretty pleased with both. But the writing, editing and proofreading just zapped me. It was relentless at times.

It kind of had to be. One was a wedding and full of charged emotion and the other had a manic sort of energy about it. It worked. One reader couldn’t form sentences, at least two others cried on the reading. Generating that kind of response it just part of the goal. But it got me thinking.

Do these rituals speak to something in all of us?

Even the non-religious, like me. This idea of calling on spiritual power and energy, channeling it into metaphysical existence. I suppose we’d all like special powers but the more I immerse myself in this topic, and the more my readership responds to the scenes of ritual I write, it makes me wonder if there’s not just a secret message there that we all can read, or an unspoken whisper that just goes deep into the collective psyche.

Either way, I’m exhausted. I edit and proofread each chapter at least three times and literally need time to recover after this one. The next chapter will be draining for a quite different reason. Its pure smut. Word porn. Its an exercise in different styles and I’ve always stayed clear of anything too smutty but I’m letting loose on this one.

I just need to find the energy to move to it!

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