New Collection!

So I’ve started working on a new collection of Harry Potter fan fic short stories. I’m borrowing some inspiration from some of fluffy stories I used to enjoy as a child and trying out writing in a style more suitable for a younger audience. My current longer fics are very adult themed and unsuitable for younger readers, so I’m just writing some cute shorts to give my creative brain a bit of a rest from Voldemorts police state, emotional rituals and other dark themes pervading those stories.

I’m calling this collection of shorts and one-shots “Harmony at Home” and is basically going to be a collection of light, whimsical tales of Harry and Hermione and their children in a future tangent universe to the canon stories. This AU world is loosely based on the other AU world I built in my long, and epically popular story The Lost Horcrux, so check that out too. There are three stories so far. Click on the cool cover art for each story below to be taken to my wattpad account. If you can’t access them there, you can find links to the versions on the Fan Fiction tab on my main page. Enjoy!

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