The Wand of Ravenclaw

I have decided to post full-details of all my writing projects, old and new, as this blog was supposed to be about that and I’ve just not done it yet. But I’m still learning at this blogging lark, so be prepared for a swarthe of these!

So this was my first novel-length Harry Potter fan-fiction post the horror of Deathly Hallows. I wrote the first chapter way back in 2009 according to the original document file! I discovered it unfinished whilst trying to tidy up the thousands of writing files I had on my laptop in October 2018. I found myself absorbed in the story, was compelled re-edit and finish it and, to my surprise, found a new audience after a ten-year sabbatical from fan fiction writing. I may yet go back and re-edit the beginning sections, to clean them up a bit, but I am still getting reads and reviews on this so I’m quite astonished by this.

So, here are the details.

Summary: An alternate 7th Year fic written post-HBP but pre-DH, then completed ten years after being abandoned. Follows the hunt for the Horcruxes and the developing relationship between Harry and Hermione. Very Harmony-centric from the beginning so if this ship isnt for you best to avoid. I posted this at and Portkey ten years ago but never finished it, hence this re-visit. Just using now as a vehicle to alleviate writers block and enjoy a bit of Harmony goodness while I’m at it 😀😀

Vital Stats:

Word Count: 104’689 (Completed)

Rating: Teen/Young Adult (for some mild adult scenes and bad language)

Links: Wand of Ravenclaw (Wattpad) / Wand of Ravenclaw (

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