The Lost Horcrux

Continuing on with my expose of my fanfiction projects this, is one of my recently completed, and most popular, stories to date.

So this one came about from a pretty dark idea I had while writing another story. What if, instead of returning during the Battle of Hogwarts as happened in Deathly Hallows, Harry faked his death and ran away, allowing Voldemort to take over and establish a Wizard Police State? That was the basic premise. It developed to be that Harry was spirited away by a secret order of knights, who tooled him up to return five years later and save the day

To be clear this story is DARK, with all capitals. The language is choice from the start, most of the female characters have been physically abused (including rape) as slaves in the new Patriarchal society. Harry begins the story with a huge scar on his face – not his old one – as a result of his curse in the Forbidden Forest. I wanted Harry to echo Hester Shaw from Mortal Engines (another of my fave YA fantasy stories) and see if I could make readers forget his scar by the end. It sort of worked, but he does get repaired by stories end.

Of course, a Harry/Hermione relationship is central to the plot. They marry in an alchemical wedding and its all very romantic, and their wedding night is pure smut. Just because I didn’t pull any punches anywhere. There are some powerful ritual scenes, gruesome deaths throughout, and it all ends up nicely in conclusion.

It’s the most popular story I’ve written. Almost every review was positive both on the sites I posted the story, and in a Facebook group that I am a member of.

So, here are the details:

Summary: AU Canon Divergent story. Harry Potter seems to have been killed during the Battle of Hogwarts, but his parents have taken steps to ensure he is resistant to the evil magic of Tom Riddle. Five years later, Harry returns as a much changed, much more powerful, but scarred and damaged man. The world has changed, too. Now a dark, dangerous police state in Voldemorts grip. Harry must save his true love, Hermione Granger, from her abusive marriage to Ron Weasley, then take the war to Voldemort, destroy his Lost Horcrux and save the Wizarding World.

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 288’146

Status: Complete

Cover Image:

Reads: 86’000 on combined sites, with 1’024 subscribers on FF.Net and 110 ‘starred’ reads on Wattpad, at time of writing.

Reviews: 389 on combined sites. Check some of them out here

Links: Wattpad FanFiction Net

Disclaimer: I own no part of Harry Potter and do this for fun, not for profit. I make no financial gain from these projects and all intellectual properties remain the rights of JK Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing. If this work, in part or whole, is reproduced anywhere for such means it is through no actions of my own and I will whole-heartedly support any investigation into intellectual property theft.

You can now read the entire story here. Just click the links below. If you enjoy, drop me a comment. PS: I DO NOT encouraged unsolicited Beta’s. Any such comments will be deleted. Thanks.

Chapter 1: The Deathday Party.

Chapter 2: Blood Brothers

Chapter 3: The Terrible Head Dragon

Chapter 4: A Kingly Favour

Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark

Chapter 6: Night Terrors

Chapter 7: A Lion’s Vengeance

Chapter 8: The Dark King Moves

Chapter 9: A Queen Rises

Chapter 10: Rites of Passage

Chapter 11: Internal Affairs

Chapter 12: White Noise

Chapter 13: A Chemical Wedding

Chapter 14: The Luckiest Witch Alive

Chapter 15: Quintessence

Chapter 16: A Death in the Family

Chapter 17: A Fistful of Favours

Chapter 18: The Lost Horcrux

Chapter 19: Life and Death Choices

Chapter 20: The Land of Our Fathers

Chapter 21: Circles in Time

Chapter 22: A Riddle Solved

Chapter 23: The Justice of the Potters

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