New Year, New Content

So, 2020 is upon us. And as I’m still randomly searching for content for this blog I’ve decided to add a couple more topics to explore. The first one of these is travel.

I love to travel, and as my photo above shows I also love tube trains. This will be a topic I may post on later. But as much of my travel takes me to London and onto the tube it all fits quite nicely together. And as I caught a quite nicely atmospheric shot of the famous roundel I thought I’d share it. I’m no pro, but I have a decent eye for a photo.

So, travel. I’ve been to lots of weird and wonderful places, chalking off about 30 of the recommended Top 50 landmarks in the UK as well as extensive European visits. That’s not bad going, and a solid place to start for more consistent content. So, I’ve decided to share my past experiences, give some handy tips for some of the places I’ve been and chart all the new places I’m likely to go in 2020, even if I a still don’t have a regular income to pay for it! And with such gems as Iron Forging on the horizon, there will certainly be some bizarre stories to tell!

So, it may only be the 10th Jan as of writing but I’ve already been on two little jaunts this year. Ooo, go me! The reason for this is actually a bonus from unemployment. In my previous job, weekends were never my own. And with my partner being all Dolly Parton (9 to 5??) it was always a bit of a pain. So, during my little hiatus, we decided to make the most of it and do some domestic tourism.

I’ll start off my new travel section with both of these. The first was a fascinating trip to the museum of Bletchley Park. This was the country estate used by British Codebreakers during World War II. It was where some of the most brilliant minds of the day slaved to crack German war codes, their efforts shortening the War by up to two years. It was also where modern computers were born. Some of the stories are just astonishing, and made me want to finally learn how to solve cryptic crosswords! Well worth a visit.

Bletchley Park Info:

Opening Times: 9.30 -17.00 (16.00 in Winter).


My Top Tip: arrive EARLY. Car parking spaces fill up very quickly at this attraction and nearest local parking is a fair way from the location. Bletchley Train Station is literally next door to the car park so if you arrive by train you are practically next door. Allow 4-5 hours for your visit as there are lots of fascinating things to see. Pick up a free audio guide to enhance your experience.

Trip number two was to the Imperial War Museum in London. The great thing about this attraction is that entry is free. The museum covers conflicts from World War I to the modern day. It does get very busy and was crowded with families on our visit, but it didn’t distract from the interesting exhibits. The recreated trench from WWI was a particular highlight as well as the exhibits which had seen actual action. The museum covers five floors and there is a lot a walking involved, but there are lifts for those who don’t fancy the stairs. As well as covering the world’s conflicts, there is a Holocaust exhibition which is well-worth a visit, as some lessons from history ought never to be forgotten.

Imperial War Museum Info:

Opening Times: 10.00-18.00 daily. Entry is free. Allow 3-4 hours for your visit.

Website: Imperial War Museum

Local Tube Station: Lambeth, though Elephant and Castle is pretty close too.

My Top Tip: Buy a foam model aeroplane like the one below and pretend you are a child again!

I never grew up lol!

So thus concludes the first installment of my crude travelogue. Look out for future equally low quality updates, where I indulge my whimsical travels. And, just to whet your appetite for Tube Wanking (as the missus calls it), here’s a nice picture of the interesting murals on the walls of Charing Cross Underground station. Bon voyage!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Content

  1. onepunchwizzard

    I loved riding the tube when I was in London. Crazy to think some of those have been there for over 100 years! Would love to go back one day and just spend the day riding from one end of the line to the other. People look at me like I’m crazy when I say that! πŸ˜‚πŸš‡


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