Photo Bum

I like taking photos. I need visual reminders of where I’ve been. Some serve as inspiration for stories or settings. Having a phone with a good camera has allowed me to snap some pretty nice pictures. Here are some random ones I like from the past few months.

This one was a spooky image of a church near to where I live. It was a misty, chilly night and these lights made the church look very mysterious as I walked past.

I took this one during the summer. It shows the trail of three planes that passed overhead, pretty much at the same time. I don;t know about you, but whenever I get on a plane I hope my pilot races the nearest plane too….

I love water. And sunsets. And this one, over a bay in Pembrokeshire (Milford Haven possibly) was rather pretty I thought.

Underground Cinema @ Cardiff Castle

This was a wacky little day out me and the girlfriend had at Christmas. Cardiff Castle periodically shows films in one of the castle undercrofts. And they sell beer! Win-win. Halloween and Christmas are the key times for this. And what did we watch? Only Santa Claus: The Movie! One of THE films from my Christmas youth. And it was great, a quirky locale to watch a film which brought back all sorts of festive memories. And this time, I didn’t cry when Patch left the North Pole…but only just!

Some cool window art from a pub I visited in Cheltenham. Hadouken!

Being on the road a lot allows you to see some great colourful skies. As a big fan of Bob Ross, I most definitely approve of these!

I only found this a few days ago. Its near a local park that I’ve enjoyed walking around for years but I had no idea it used to be a mill. Now this little monument has been put up to it and I think its rather cute.

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