Kicking the Bucket

As in, Bucket List. Nothing died, apart from my own self-restriction.

For back in November, I got to tick an item off my bucket list. That was to see one of my favourite bands in concert. That band is Halestorm and I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to see them live. Then back in 2018, a week after my birthday, they announced a headline UK tour. And my precious girlfriend bagged us a couple of tickets for their gig in my home city the day they came out.

I had to wait a whole year for the show. It was agonising and I was sure, given how my luck for the year was going, that an asteroid would hit the planet or something. But, luckily, I survived to see the gig. It was totally worth the wait. Halestorm were awesome and I also was discovered a new band to follow, In This Moment, who were one of the support acts. They reinvigorated my suppressed love of proper loud metal, and I’ve binged on their music for the last month or two. And they have new music on the horizon, so I’m super excited.

It makes me feel young. After all, as they say, if it’s too loud, you’re too old!

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