Reflections of a Working Man!

Oh yes! It’s true…I’ve managed to rejoin the rat race!

And in good time too, for my bank account was threatening to disown me.

Yes, its been a whirlwind couple of weeks. which is a fine excuse for the lack of updates in that time. And yes, I’ve actually managed to secure employment once again. I’ve had to go back to the only industry that I’ve ever worked in, but as it was the only one that seemed willing to employ me I wont bitch too much about it.

And I may just have fallen on my feet, so it’s all going to be okay.

So here’s how I came to find myself back behind a bar just when I thought I might never get paid again!

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It all came out of nowhere a fortnight ago. I’d just been rejected for yet another job that I genuinely thought I was qualified for – Customer Service in a financial institution. I was just swearing at the rejection when my phone pinged off. A friend of mine had sent me a link to a job that hadn’t popped up on any of my job apps. It was for an Assistant Manager position at a pub I knew quite well. It was for a different company than my previous one, so I wasn’t hopeful, but sent off an application anyway.

So you can imagine my surprise five hours later when I not only had an email acknowledging my application, but an invite to interview!

I sort of looked at the email for five minutes to make sure I was reading it right. This was a pub right down my alley – cask ale, quality food, community feel – and I was being given a chance to becoming its Assistant Manager! It was the kind of turn around in fortune I’d been waiting for.

So off I went to the interview determined to smash it. It lasted an hour and a half, which I thought was a good sign. I had to wait two days to find out my fate, debating with myself on whether I had a real shot. And then…boom! I got the call, I was offered the job, and not only that but I was going to be put on a salary 2.5k higher than I expected!

Good things come to those who wait…and I’d waited patiently!

And that was that. I signed my contract, started work in my new job last week and banged out 40 hours in 4 days just to get started! So my feet are killing me today. But its going to be okay. My new team seem pretty good, the pub has potential for growth (and tasty bonuses will come with that) and its a nice, cosy site. At the start I felt a bit overwhelmed by the swamp of new information being thrown at me, but I’ll get there. And as soon as I get that first months pay I’m sure I’ll stop my initial moaning.

And I have to pay tribute to cosmic forces that have aligned for me. I used my Rune Stones to cast a luck spell, and I bought this Knights Templar Cross…which has brought me fortune so far. Long may it continue!

3 thoughts on “Reflections of a Working Man!

  1. Troy Sanders

    I hope your new job is going well, I’m 2 days into self isolation, bored shitless and needing something entertaining to read – when are you going to post again?


    1. ianp1981

      Ah sorry to hear about your isolation. Luckily, ive avoided it, but my job means Im at constant risk of exposure. Im planning on posting regularly soon. I need to get a habit going!


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