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Forgive the advertising above, I’ve decided to start every new post with such a shameless plug for my debut novel!

But this post is to announce a new fan fiction I am working on. I have decided to branch out into another fandom that I love – the world of His Dark Materials. My first story in this new area will be a crossover with Potter, as I say goodbye to that world.

So I’ve decided to share links to all my updates, just to get into the habit of regular content posts. So we will start with a summary of the story, a link to chapter one, and a preview of the chapter itself. Enjoy!

An Opus Alcymicum Vol 1: The Experimental Theologian's Apprentice
An Opus Alcymicum Vol 1: The Experimental Theologian’s Apprentice

An Opus Alcymicum Vol 1: The Experimental Theologian’s Apprentice

Story Summary:

A His Dark Materials/Harry Potter Crossover fic.

When Hermione Granger is taken as an Apprentice in Experimental Theology by renowned scholar Lyra Silvertongue, the pre-eminent authority on the subject, the alethiometer warns Hermione that the boy she is destined to fall in love with is in danger for his life. The problem is he lives in another world, one parallel to Hermione’s own. Lyra and Hermione must embark on a dangerous journey to save him, an adventure that will take them across worlds, into the face of dangers both new and familiar, on a quest to save Hermione’s love. But will she reach Harry Potter in time, before the dark forces ranged against him get there first?

Chapter 1 Summary:

Set in the HDM world, Hermione Granger meets Professor Lyra Silvertongue, and a message from the alethiometer sets Hermione on an adventure across worlds.

Chapter 1 Preview:

A Fresh Start

*This story begins in a world quite like our own, but different in many ways*

Hermione Granger and her daemon, Papageno, sat quietly in the flower garden outside the Bodleian Library, careful to stay out of sight near the hydrangeas on that side. The large ornate fountain at the centre of the botanical quad provided good cover from inquisitive eyes, and the plants here were wild and natural, unlike the cultivated flora nearer to the library building itself. The splash of the water was also useful for muffling Hermione’s soft weeping, as she sat cross-legged under the shade of an ancient oak and felt thoroughly sorry for herself.

“You shouldn’t let those girls get to you,” her daemon soothed. “They just want to see you upset.”

“Well it’s working!” Hermione groaned, dabbing at her eyes.

“All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t give them the satisfaction,” Papageno went on. “They’re just jealous, that’s all. They aren’t half as clever as you and it bothers them. All that extra tuition that their parents spend out on them and it’s still you, little Hermione Granger, a townie, that beats them in every test and tops every class.”

Hermione smiled weakly as her daemon nudged her besocked feet with his little head. He was otter-formed just now, and gambolled around her in a little circle a while, tickling the exposed skin of her knees with his fur, before leaping over to frolic in the fountain water. Hermione laughed at his playfulness, as he splashed around and chased imaginary fish. Her mood lightened as she watched him.

“Thank you, Pap. You always cheer me up.”

“I’d prefer not to have to,” he replied in a fraught tone. “I’d rather you not be upset to start with.”

“Oh, you know what I get like!” she exclaimed, huffing at herself. “You’re right. I shouldn’t let them upset me. But I try so hard … and it hurts when they make fun of me.”

“Are people making fun of you, young lady? You should report that to your mentor. Bullying is not tolerated at Jericho Prep.”

Hermione snapped her head up, then immediately turned her eyes down and bowed her head as she saw who had addressed her.

“Professor Silvertongue! I was … I was just … er, oh -“

“You were just crying because someone made fun of you,” Professor Silvertongue replied, kindly. Her daemon, a rather large pine-marten, trotted up to Papageno and touched noses politely. “This is Pan. What’s his name?”

A slight nod towards Hermione’s daemon directed Professor Silvertongue’s enquiry.

“Pap … Papageno,” Hermione mumbled. She still hadn’t looked up, and was desperate to dry her eyes. Professor Silvertongue was a visiting scholar from Jordan College, and a favourite amongst the girls of Jericho Preparatory Academy. It just wouldn’t do to look so weedy and pathetic in front of a woman who was famous for being so strong…

Click here to continue the story … 🙂

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